Interior Workshop of Sergey Makhno

Interior Architects · Kiev, Ukraine

Sergey Makhno – is an artist, architect, designer, workshop project manager. Graduated from Kiev National University of Building and Architecture as well as from Academic School of Design (Moscow). His career as a designer is not an ordinary one. In his early childhood Sergey showed interest to design work, however, he started his career as a trainer of KioKushinkay karate and grew to professional writer and designer of Author’s furniture. In 1999 he founded “Makhno workshop”. Sergey believes that his imaginative vision is combination of contradictory backgrounds and creation of artistic mixes from seemingly incompatible things. He prefers rather not to have a rest but pay a visit to world design exhibitions and exposure into antique shops. May come up with an invention and devise not only well-forgotten old things but also new ones never thought of before. Apart from interiors, he designs original furniture, produces pictures, collages, collects antique suitcases, eau-fortes, towels, radiophonographs, scissors.

Interior Workshop of Sergey Makhno
Office 6, 17 Mezhigorskaya Str.,

T. +38 044 425 85 86
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